Dual Enrollment Courses

Grand Canyon University offers dual enrollment classes as an affordable and efficient way for high school students to gain a head start on earning their college degree. Earning college credit provides students with college-level academic skills while still in high school and an accelerated college pathway that reduces time to graduation.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: GCU offers a discounted tuition rate for dual enrollment courses; all courses are $52.50 per credit. Compared to courses while in college, GCU’s dual enrollment opportunity offers the potential for significant cost savings in the long-run.
  • Same Academic Experiences: Dual enrollment students earning college credit while still in high school experience the same level of instruction and academic rigor as our traditional college students. This way, students will be prepared to succeed at the next academic level of study when they enter college.
  • Support & Services: Student support resources available to both undergraduate and high school students in the dual enrollment program include the Academic and Career Excellence (ACE) Centers, Learning Management System orientation, tech support, library assistance, student IDs for accessing campus and more.
  • Easy Registration Process: Registration is typically completed in under 10 days, guided by a counselor who is committed to enrolling students in classes that best meet their needs, interests and goals.

Dual Enrollment Benefits

High School District and Grand Canyon University

  • Increases high school graduation rates
  • Promotes high school student motivation and engagement
  • Provides students with more advanced, rigorous coursework, as well as more diverse course offerings and electives
  • Helps build college awareness
  • Supports college access for a wide range of students
  • Prepares students for the academic and behavioral expectations of college


  • Instructor recognition
  • Professional development opportunities


  • Eligibility for standard scholarship opportunities at GCU
  • Access to the ACE Centers (online and walk-in tutoring) and GCU library services
  • Open invitations to GCU campus and sporting events
  • Savings in college tuition, books and fees by completing degree in three years
  • Early career exploration with professional support by the ACE Centers
  • Over 95% successful pass rates for both online and face-to-face coursework* (greater than AP)

Easy Transferability

Courses transfer into GCU degree programs, and high school students who attend GCU will be eligible for freshman scholarships. GCU is regionally accredited, so in general, universities that accept transfer credits should accept dual enrollment credits. However, it is at the discretion of the receiving university whether or not to accept credits for transfer.

Student Qualifications

  • High school juniors or seniors with an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or above
  • High school sophomores with an unweighted GPA of 3.25 or above
  • All students taking English or math courses will be required to take an online placement test

students at gcu honors college

Dual Enrollment Courses Online

Online dual enrollment classes are seven weeks and offer high school students the flexibility and convenience to start earning college credits on their schedule, among many other benefits. GCU's various online offerings also help high school students earn the credits they desire. See the table below to view a list of dual enrollment courses offered online.

Dual Enrollment Courses on GCU's Main Campus

Courses may be available during traditional semesters and/or summer. Students attend lectures and labs in person on GCU's main campus where they get a glimpse into college life at GCU. See a list of dual enrollment courses offered on GCU’s main campus in the table below.

Dual Enrollment Courses at High Schools

High school dual enrollment classes are available for students who attend eligible Arizona high schools. These dual enrollment courses range from general education classes to individual courses that can help students find their purpose before attending college.

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Dual Enrollment Instructors

Dual Enrollment instructors deliver content that incorporates best practices in teaching, technology, classroom engagement, ethics and more in a specific area. GCU and instructors collaborate to provide academic support, curriculum approval and monitoring of the course effectiveness. Dual Enrollment instructors receive ongoing training, support and professional development from GCU faculty.

Instructor Requirements

  • Master's degree or higher in the content area OR a master's degree with 18 graduate hours (500+) in the content area
  • Exceptional expertise qualifications set and approved by the colleges
  • Completed online dual enrollment adjunct faculty application with resume and unofficial transcripts (official transcripts are required for final approval)

Curriculum Approval

  • Create syllabus that incorporates university templates, standards and objectives into current curriculum
  • Utilize university benchmark exams/assignments and grading rubrics
  • Provide course materials for approval

For more information regarding dual enrollment, contact 855-GCU-LOPE.

*Based on rates from 2015 calendar year